Changing the focus of this blog

I started this blog almost a year ago when I thought I might want to become a YL consultant. That’s not the case anymore. Several things have affected this decision.

1. YL oils are way too expensive. I’m mortified over how much I’ve spent on YL over the past year. We’re talking thousands.
2. YL oils are not the only quality therapeutic-grade essential oils out there.
3. YL creates promotes overspending on oils by holding back coveted oils, and then releasing them in limited quantities, thus promoting a spending frenzy to get this must-have oil.
4. The way the YL community uses oils, it’s almost like you have to bathe in it! There’s no reason you need to buy or use so many oils. A little goes a long way.
5. Every description for use feels incredibly vague, and everyday people are becoming “experts” in things you know they don’t fully understand.

Now, this isn’t a hate post against YL, contrary to what it looks like. I appreciate the quality of the oils. But the purchase frenzy this company promotes paired with their exorbitant prices have become too much of a turnoff for me.

However, I still appreciate essential oils for their many great uses. I’ve started buying oils from Plant Therapy, and have been very happy with the results.

As for this blog, it won’t just be oils focused, but rather health focused. You’ll still posts about uses for oils and recipes that include them. But you’ll also see posts about my garden, healthy tips, meal recipes, and more. For example, I just signed up with a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) program where I’ll get harvest items from local farmers, and I’m super excited about it!

At any rate, that’s where I’m at. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

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