Dragon Time is a monthly miracle

Tame the dragon...

Once a month, I give myself a week to treat myself with love, nurturing, and a whole lot of grace. We should do that all month long, but especially during those days leading up to your period and the first few days of menstruation. I’m 40, and I’ve noticed a shift in my hormones and in the cycle itself, which leads to huge mood changes in the days before, and bloating and cramps during the main event. So when I know my period is approaching, I put on a pot of hot water for my Thieves tea and a hot water bottle, snuggle into my comfy chair with a good book, and keep the Dragon Time essential oil handy.

If you’re new to essential oils, Dragon Time is not in your starter kit, but it’s one you will most definitely want to invest in. It’s a blend of Fennel, Clary Sage, Marjoram, Lavender, Blue Yarrow, and Jasmine. When I first opened the bottle, I’ll admit I was a little overwhelmed by the herb smell, particularly the fennel. But over time, I have grown to absolutely crave this oil during my time of the month, especially because of what it does. This oil works wonders in easing my cramps and offering me comfort when I’m feeling achy.


Here is what the oils in this blend are known for:

DragonTimeJasmine Absolute: emotionally uplifting, has been used for menstrual discomfort and muscle spasms

Clary Sage Essential Oil: hormone balancing, enhances the dream state

Marjoram Essential Oil: helps relieve muscle spasms and headaches, and calms the nerves

Lavender Essential Oil: eases menstrual cramps and nervous tension

Fennel Essential Oil: a detoxifier for cancer, obesity, fluid retention, hormones, and digestive issues

Blue Yarrow Essential Oil: has anti-inflammatory and hormone-like properties, and assists with varicose veins and scarring.


This oil can be diffused, inhaled, or applied topically to help with PMS symptoms. To use topically, apply 1-2 drops directly to your abdomen, or a drop to the back of the neck. This oil can be applied NEAT (which means without adding a carrier oil), which I often do. But my personal favorite way to use this is to create a roller bottle with it using Dragon Time, Peppermint, and carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil or jojoba oil.  The Peppermint offers a cooling sensation that is especially wonderful to help ease cramping, and the carrier oil helps me stretch my Dragon Time so that it lasts a little longer.

What are your favorite cycle-easing oils? Let me know in the comments.

If you have any questions about Young Living Essential Oils, please feel free to contact me directly at yleo@crissilangwell.com. If you would like to begin your own essential oil journey, sign up at bit.ly/CrissiYL.


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