The Journey Begins

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This is the start of my new oily adventure! I’m super enthusiastic about sharing how oils have helped me, but first, I want to address the highly scented elephant in the room.

Essential oils? Really?

Yes. Really. But trust me, I was just like you. I didn’t quite get the whole essential oil craze. I could always tell which of my friends had suddenly discovered EOs because I’d hug them, and then smell like them for the rest of the day. I’d receive private messages from a friend whenever I mentioned an ailment, telling me there’s an oil for that. Everywhere I turned, people were pushing oils on me, and I felt like everyone was losing my mind.

Earlier this year, I finally gave in when a friend of mine invited me to help celebrate her new oil business. She was one person who never pushed oils on me, but did offer me oily solutions to a few issues I’d suffered from. For instance, there was this one time I was doubled over in pain and unable to eat due to a stomach issue while we were on a weekend getaway. She offered me a water glass with a drop of oil in it. I took it, not expecting a miracle. Ten minutes later, my stomach settled down and I no longer felt like dying. So when she invited me to her gathering, I went, ready to learn more about these oils and what they could do. By the end of the evening, I was even more convinced there was something to this, and bought my first kit of oils.

Over the next several months, I began dabbling with oils. I diffused some of my favorites, learned the benefits of each, and slowly began adding to my collection based on my needs. And I’ve learned a lot. My favorite oils are ones that help with hormonal and sensuality support, skin support, emotional support, and ones that just evoke happy feelings when inhaled.

By the way, I use and trust Young Living Essential Oils. I love that this company enforces strict specifications to ensure all their oils are safe and all natural, promising a seed to seal quality like no other company. Learn more about Seed to Seal®.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey. I’m excited to have you here!

If you have any questions about oils, please feel free to leave a comment, or contact me directly at If you would like to begin your own essential oil journey, sign up at


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